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  • /rps Command

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    This plugin provides the /rps command, a little game for you and your chat users to enjoy.

    Usage: /rps [rock/paper/scissors]

    Requires PointSystem.
  • ClearAll (ENGLISH)

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    Clears everyones Screen. Just Translated into english by me.
  • Ignore Button (ENGLISH)

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    Click on the ignore button to ignore a certain user. Translated by: Nikgamer3! Enjoy ;)
  • /last command

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    Product: Lastuser

    Version: Unknown

    Editor: Distanzcheck

    Developer: Distanzcheck, Wladimir Palant, Adara, Lord, FreeUser

    Release Date: 2004


    This addon shows all the users who have logged in, in the last 24 hours
    of the…
  • /m System

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    This is the english version of the /m System.

    With this you can send offline messages via /m to another Chat user.
    Those /m's are saved, and you can read your old messages by using /m old.

    **Special sending template**

    Translated by sebbi1211

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