Dice Comment Setting

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      Dice Comment Setting

      Hi there,

      in my chat i has been uplode dice comment..but that not working.when i play the result is wrong. Look like >> throws 1 dices with 5 sides and the result sum is 4. << that i play 3 dice.but please see the result is 4. :)

      and 1 more thing for coin comment also already uplode the file.but not working. i really don;t know how to change the source.please someone help me.

      Thanks in advance for help. :dash: :hail:

      xXNeoXx has tested this Addon...
      He says that the addon has no problems in his chat.
      He think that the addon can´t play with 5 sides (A dice with 5 sides ???)
      He says that the addon in his chat cant 5 sides Dices.

      Have you change something on the addon ?

      So I have written this to Rodolfo Reinsch.

      However, today I looked again at my addons archive and had to detect that there are 2 versions of the Dice Game.

      Can I have in my chat an enhanced version of the game installed to the default version for almost any number of dice and playing the right side after installing the standard version of the game and I can test my Seitz also said there are no mistakes because they portrayed here have.

      Since my English is not good, I can translate it with Google Translate.
      Da mein Englisch nicht gut ist habe ich dies mit dem Google Übersetzer übersetzen lassen.
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